Code: AP551-0.5LTR

Name: AP RACING FLUID 551 (500ml bottle) (CP7551-20)

Cost: £10.73 inc VAT

Availability: Low Stock

551 fluid is suitable for all forms of motorsport and conforms to FMVSS 116 DOT3 specification and is magnesium compatible but has a higher boiling point than normal brake fluids intended for road use.

- 551.

‘Typical’ Boiling Points. - New Dry 269°C - ‘Wet’ E.R. 151°C

Alternative Products/Components

Description Cost Availability
551x20 Brake Fluid AP RACING FLUID 551 (CASE OF 20 x 500ml) CP7551-20 Cost: £196.37 inc VAT Availability: Low Stock
710RBF_final_HIGHRES Brake Fluid 710 HBF320 RACING BRAKE FLUID 500ML 710HBF320 Cost: £19.14 inc VAT Availability: In Stock

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