Zero 275 (FIA)

The lightest and most compact 8865:2015 extinguisher system currently available

Lifeline continues its market leading development of the FIA’s 8865:2015 standard and has launched the Zero 275. The full system including all ancillaries weighs under 3.5kgs, the compact filled cylinder weighs just 2.6kg and is 125mm in diameter and has a total length of 308mm making it simple to install, easy to package and lightweight.

Recommended for use in all FIA categories but mandatory for 

  • WRC
  • R5, R3 and R2
  • WRX
  • GT3 
  • T1, RG-T
  • TCR From 2020

Please note that the part number 105-001-013 Orange bottle has now been superseded by 105-001-019 Black bottle.

Description Cost Availability
Zero 275 0-4.0 m3 - Black Zero 275 (FIA) Zero 275 0-4.0 m3 - Black 105-001-019 Cost: £1,411.32 inc VAT Availability: In Stock
Lifeline Zero 275 2.75Kg FIA Electrical Fire Extinguisher Zero 275 (FIA) Zero 275 0-4.0 m3 105-001-013 Cost: Availability: Contact Us Stock Note

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