Code: QM2649-1

Name: Brake-Prep Disc Temperature Paint Kit

Cost: £77.89 inc VAT

Availability: In Stock

The Green, Orange and Red paints are applied to the outside edge of the brake disc and will give a good indication of the maximum temperatures by changing colour.

The three different paints that are used :-

  • Green paint : Turns to White at 430°C.
  • Orange paint : Turns to Yellow at 560°C.
  • Red paint : Turns to White at 610°C.

These paints are available in a kit which includes three brushes and a thinner for cleaning.

Alternative Products/Components

Description Cost Availability
temp-paint-shot-small Temperature Measurement PAINT KIT-TEMP CP2649-1 Cost: £104.95 inc VAT Availability: Low Stock

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