Code: CP8350-119

Name: 41.3mm Stainless Steel Piston

Cost: £20.28 inc VAT

Availability: Back Order

Associated Products/Components

Description Cost Availability
cp4518 Caliper Seals & Seal Kits KIT SIB 1.62 CP4518-K Cost: £15.92 inc VAT Availability: In Stock
CP8352-4S0L-web1 CP8352 Right Hand Leading ACAL(KL)RHLx26.0-CP8250 CP8352-4S0L Cost: £522.70 inc VAT Availability: Low Stock
CP8352-4S0L-web1 CP8352 Left Hand Leading ACAL(KL)LHLx26.0-CP8250 CP8352-5S0L Cost: £522.70 inc VAT Availability: Low Stock

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